Free international shipping on orders over £150

Free international shipping on orders over £150


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About Us

At the start of 2022, we decided it was time to use our skills at digital marketing and access to connections in the market to make the plant pot industry more inclusive to buyers and sellers. There are plenty of websites that provide designers and sellers with a platform, and we wanted to magnify that.

We are also aware of how larger companies such as Amazon and Wilkes who are already established were able to further expand and cement their place in the industry during the pandemic. While the initial periods were very beneficial for buyers and sellers, the more established companies hammered home their SEO and Digital Marketing, and have left smaller suppliers in some pain.

We wanted to correct this while also showcasing a lot of the more creative designs from our sellers. The amount of creativity and unique looks that have emerged in the last 2 years are nothing short of spectacular, and we want to make those accessible to the market.

We wanted to create a company where everyone can succeed while still showing our love and appreciation to customers.

Thank you for finding out more about Jones Plant Pots, the premiere plant pots and planters company. This is a lifelong passion project of ours, and we thank you for taking the time to find out more about us and who we are.

When compared to our competitors, we are a smaller company. However, we have the heart and soul of our customers in mind and at the core of our business.

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