Ferris Cement 6 Plant Pots Stand

Designed with longevity in focus, the cement pots offer a strong foundation for your plants. Enhance your surroundings with the striking and practical Ferris plant pot stand, seamlessly blending style with plant maintenance.


Ferris Plant Pot Stand – Wheel-stand with 6 Cement Succulent Plant Pots
The Ferris Plant Pot Stand – Wheel-stand with 6 Cement Succulent Plant Pots is a unique and whimsical addition to your plant display. This stand features a Ferris wheel design with six cement succulent plant pots, offering a creative and playful way to showcase your greenery. Crafted with durability in mind, the cement pots provide a sturdy base for your plants. Elevate your space with this eye-catching and functional Ferris plant pot stand that effortlessly combines aesthetics with plant care.

Important Information:
Product Name: Ferris Plant Pot Stand /Plant Pots
Package Size: 470 x 240 x 370 mm
Pot Size: 8.4x4cm
Iron Holders: 32x44cm
Package Content: 6* Flower Pots + 1* Ferris Wheel Iron Stand

*A chic and elegant set of 6 cement succulent planter pots on a Ferris Wheel stand.
*Each round shaped flower pot is just the right size to hold a small potted plant, succulent, bonsai or flower.
*A hole in the bottom of each planter allows water to flow through the soil so your plant stays healthy.


2.09 kg


470 × 240 × 370 cm


Black , Black 2 , Gold , Gray , White

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