Stone Hydroponic Plant Pots

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the water reservoir system promotes healthy root growth and minimizes maintenance. Ideal for various plants, they are versatile and functional. Packaged in an elegant gift box, they make a thoughtful gift for gardening enthusiasts and home decorators.


Stone Hydroponic Plant Pots – Multifunctional Cichlid Pots
The Stone Hydroponic Plant Pots – Multifunctional Cichlid Pots offer a unique and versatile solution for your hydroponic gardening needs. Made from natural stone, these pots provide a sturdy and durable home for your plants. Their multifunctional design allows them to serve as cichlid pots, creating a natural habitat for aquatic creatures. Embrace the beauty of hydroponic gardening while creating a captivating underwater environment with these stone hydroponic plant pots.

Important Information:
Product Name: Stone Hydroponic Plant Pots – Multifunctional Cichlid Pots/Plant Pots
Package Size: 200 x 180 x 150 mm

A: Small single hole,
B: Small double hole,
C: Medium 3 holes,
D: Medium 4 holes,
E: Large 5 holes

Packing list: artificial stone x1


0.4 kg


200 × 180 × 150 cm


A , B , C , D , E

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