Shark Desktop Plant Pot

This is an ideal gift for family and friends who have a passion for succulents. It is perfect for bringing a touch of contemporary design to your home, and is suitable for both your balcony and room.


Material: Stone

Package Size:

130 x 93 x 98 mm

1. Drainage hole, fleshy flowerpot drainage performance is good, geometric design, the bottom of the drainage hole, to avoid over-watering.
2. Unique and creative, the size is ideal for mini cactus, small succulent or Tillandsias or air plants, ideal for small plants.
Succulent plants are hardy, vigorous plants that require low water content, and they have evolved to thrive in some of the harshest conditions in the world, so they are usually easy to care for.
4. This is the perfect gift for family and friends who love succulents.Ideal for adding a breath of fresh modern design to your home, suitable for your balcony and room.

Type: Flowerpot
Material: ceramic
Characteristics: corrosion resistance, firm and durable
Form of use: desktop
Style: Cartoon

Package Content :
Ceramic flowerpot*1


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